Online Gaming and E-Safety Help and Advice

Online Gaming and Safety Help   yes


Here at Woore Primary and Nursery School we understand that the online gaming world can be extremely daunting for most adults (including us) and some children to navigate.

Most children today use a wide range of abbreviations to confuse us and to be honest ‘google’ doesn’t always help in answering the question that is relevant to what we are trying to understand.

It is for these reasons we have decided to set up help for staff, parents and children on all the different gaming platforms (Xbox one, Playstation 4, PC, Android and Apple devices). This help is in the form of staff members and a group of Gamers.

The Gamers are all over the age of 18 and between them have massive online experience on multiple platforms and can give you information on the realities of the games, gaming world, abbreviations and anything else you can think of.

This help will be via email:  mail

In your emails please include as much detail as possible, such as; name of game, age of child, platform and what you would like to know or understand. Your email addresses will be kept confidential from the Gamers as your email addresses will be filtered out for your privacy.



Please note that Gamers are nocturnal people wink   and morning emails may not be answered till later in the day.