Llandudno Visit 2017

On Thursday 29th June 2017 the whole school visited Llandudno for the day. Unfortunately the day started a little wet and windy so we all took cover in the pier cafe to enjoy our ice-creams. By the time we reached the beach the rain had stopped so we all enjoyed our lunch and had the chance to play on the sand. Some of us made sandcastles and trenches. A few of us were buried and others enjoyed using stones to make out mark on the sand. The tide was out so thi meant that we were able to look for sea creatures amongst the rocks and seaweed (we found 3 crabs!).

At 1.00pm we went to watch the Punch & Judy show on the promenade which we all enjoyed. Toilets, pier and a few shops later we were ready to return back to school. We all had an amazing day and as one child described "That was the best day ever!"

Please take a look at some of our photos.