School Governors

The governors of Woore Primary and Nursery School play a key role in its success; all governors are supportive of decisions made and have significant input into School Development Planning, deployment of staff, and development of collaborative links. Through the four key committees (Finance, Curriculum, Health & Safety and Ofsted) updates are shared and actions are proposed.The governors want Woore Primary and Nursery School to be known as a caring school where all students gain the confidence to become positive 'can do' quality learners. The following beliefs emphasise what we, the governors, the teachers and parents, want our school to be known for - to be 'special' to our school.

Caring and stable family atmosphere

We believe it is vitally important that our students and parents feel their school is a safe caring and sharing learning community with a strong family atmosphere.This is important if our students are to develop the confidence to take the risks necessary for learning. To do this we will as a school, and in each classroom, work towards providing a warm secure environment with established routines and clear boundaries.  We want to ensure our students behaviours reflect such values and we want to help our students develop respect for each other, other people (particularly those who are different) towards property, and towards their natural environment.  We believe that it important for them to work for the common good of a group and not just for their own self-interest.  To achieve such a positive community we will need to build a real partnership between the home and the school and also ensure our teaching team are given all the support they need.

Quality Learning - academic excellence

We believe it is very important that our students come to the realisation that it is their responsibility to do their personal best in whatever they undertake. To achieve this; our teachers will encourage students to set their own goals, to plan and assess their own work using negotiated criteria, and to develop such habits as: self discipline, the valuing of effort and the need to persevere.  

We also believe that to be life long learners well able to take advantage of their future education, our students will need to be confident in the traditional foundation skills of numeracy and literacy.  If these behaviours and foundation skills are established our students will then be able to become responsible for their own quality learning equipped with the necessary 'can do' attitudes and 'stickability' to complete chosen tasks with a sense of pride.

Life Long learners

We believe it is important that our students develop the attributes to thrive in what will be a constantly changing world. To do this our teaching team will not only have to establish help our students achieve sound traditional work habits but also the emotional well being, the personal, team work and problem solving skills and attitudes, so that they develop a necessary 'risk taking' 'have a go' attitude.  

We will ensure our teaching team provides students with a balanced curriculum promoting academic excellence and mastery in a full range of Learning Areas, including the need to be confident with all aspects of Information Technology.We also want them to ensure that all students have an opportunity to have their potential talents developed because these will lead to leisure activities, and possibly future employment.  We believe that our Vision and Mission combines the best of traditional teaching with new ideas about how students learn. If we can achieve our Vision, in partnership with our parents, we believe we can develop future citizens we can all be proud of.

Diversity Data

Given the small size of our school's governing board, it is not appropriate to publish data about diversity in a percentage format. The board is committed to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion and its decision-making, including the co-option of governors, will reflect this approach, wherever possible.


Should you wish to contact the school governors, please contact the Co-Chairs of Governors Mrs Susanna Wright [email protected]  or Mr Peter Goringe [email protected]  via email or through the school office.   

If you wish to contact our clerk, Davina De-Bear, please email [email protected] 



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"A lovely environment to learn and explore"
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"I'm always made aware of my child's strengths and weaknesses and given ideas to help at home"
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"Communication between staff and parents is excellent"
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"My child is very happy at school"
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"A wonderfully, inclusive village school with a nurturing ethos"
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